Orthodontists wield a laser to contour patients’ gums and create the frame for beautiful teeth.

Often times when wearing braces, patients get an overgrowth of the gum tissue due to poor hygiene, an allergy to nickel or excessive breathing through the mouth, which dries out the tissue and makes it overgrow. And some patients just have thick, heavy gum tissue.

If the gum tissue covers too much of the teeth, the results will not be that pleasing—no matter how straight the teeth are.

Using a soft tissue laser, I can essentially erase the extra tissue revealing more tooth surface and creating the most esthetically pleasing smile. When designing a treatment plan for patients, I not only take into account the position of the teeth, but also the gum shape for the best overall results.

The tissue re-contouring procedure is simple. I apply a topical anesthetic to the gums and gently contour the gums with a laser. It is virtually painless and there is no bleeding.

By contouring the gums, the overall appearance changes by putting the focus where it belongs—on the teeth and not the gums.

Laser soft tissue re-contouring makes a noticeable difference. Some of my patients comment about how nice their gums look—even better than their straight teeth.

I offer soft tissue re-contouring in my practice as a way to enhance smiles. It’s a complimentary extra for my orthodontics patients as part of my mission to create happy, healthy smiles.