Most children do not grow up to have a perfectly aligned smile. More typically, teeth erupt in a less than ideal fashion.

Impacted teeth in patients can present challenging dental needs beyond merely correcting misalignment. “Impacted” basically means that a tooth is prohibited from fully erupting. While not overly common, I see about one patient per week whose treatment plan involves correcting impacted cuspids/canines. These are the most frequently impacted teeth other than third molars. However, with comprehensive treatment planning and skillful execution, even impacted teeth can be treated with orthodontics.

In some cases, when children lose their primary cuspids, there are no replacement teeth ready to erupt. Sometimes the teeth behind and in front of the cuspids come in first, and there is no place for the new tooth. As a result, the cuspid can end up in a place where it does not belong or simply cannot erupt.

I consult with each patient to devise a treatment plan that can involve using traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners. I not only treat children with impacted cuspids, but also adults, usually with Invisalign. Oftentimes adults, who have never had braces, want to straighten their cuspids later in their adulthood. As I always say, it is never too late to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.