Just like an artist uses a paintbrush to create a piece of art, an orthodontist uses traditional braces or Invisalign to create a beautiful, healthy smile.

You may think orthodontists are just techies, but we also have a creative side. And when combined with the latest technology, the results can be amazing. Orthodontists not only straighten teeth, but also improve their function and the patient’s overall health.

When it comes to straightening teeth, my favorite tool is Invisalign. It is not a product, but is instead a valuable, adaptable means to create a beautiful healthy end.

Patients wear a sequence of clear aligner trays to move their teeth to the desired position. It is not a product that they keep. In fact, they discard the trays after a couple of weeks and begin using the next ones in the series. Just like golf clubs have no value unless you are playing golf, Invisalign is just a set of tools used for aligning and straightening teeth and have no value unless they are doing exactly that.

And just like buying an expensive set of golf clubs won’t make you an outstanding golfer, the quality of Invisalign results varies depending on the skill of the orthodontist using them. The better trained and experienced the person using the appliance, the better the results.

I don’t use the same system on any two patients. I customize each Invisalign treatment plan not only for the size and shape of each patient’s teeth, but also the way their jaw closes and how their teeth fit within their face and smile.

It is more of an art form of how you use it, rather than something you can just purchase and use. That is why an experienced orthodontist, and not a generic, over-the-counter, DIY teeth-straightening kit, will achieve the best results.