By Dr. John White
Smiles by White

Younger patients—especially female teens—often desire to make a fashion statement with their braces by adding color rubber bands, whether to accessorize an outfit, match school colors or highlight special events and holidays. Similarly, with Invisalign, decals can be added in the clear aligner trays to amp up the fun factor.

We can apply a single decal or several decals, so patients can have something colorful that can change every couple weeks. The decals can correlate to holidays, like a pumpkin for Halloween or Santa for Christmas, as well as to show off school colors, favorite sports teams or popular cartoon characters. Other decals, like flowers and stars, can be added as a fun fashion accessory.

We apply the biocompatible decals in-house, which are similar to press-on nail art and are easy to apply.  Imagine having Brutus or Elsa on your tooth!

It is our goal to make orthodontics a fun journey and, from start to finish, it should be an experience that makes each step along the way enjoyable. Adding decals is one way to add excitement and have some fun during the orthodontic treatment.