Although the list of items that pregnant women should avoid is often extensive, one thing they do not need to worry about is orthodontics during pregnancy.

I assure expectant mothers that Invisalign and traditional braces do not pose any risks. The only issue is that pregnancy hormones change how the gum tissue reacts, which—while not affecting the mechanics of orthodontics—can make the gums more swollen and irritated. And, occasionally, a woman might not consume enough calcium during pregnancy and the first place in the body that gets robbed if this nutrient is the bones, which can lead to a small amount of bone loss. However, it is generally not a significant issue.

I do remind my expectant mothers to keep up with oral hygiene since the gum tissue is more prone to inflammation during pregnancy. This means brushing regularly is very important.

While not common, pregnancy gingivitis can occur when the gums become tender and bleed. This mild form of gum disease is caused by hormonal changes that make gums more sensitive to the bacteria in the plaque that accumulates in the spaces between the gums and the teeth. And though this condition may make brushing and flossing a little painful, it is imperative to keep up with oral hygiene while pregnant and brush at least twice a day—in the morning and at night.